About Us

Muslims & Islam is established by HATAM Foundation and intended to impart the high-quality Islamic knowledge through this website. A group of volunteers is working for HATAM Foundation to impart Islamic knowledge to the people of all classes.

In this age of Information Technology most of the educated people, desiring to acquire Islamic Knowledge, try to find the resources on the Internet because they do not have access or time to visit such knowledge centers in persons.

But the information on internet is not fully integrated. Further, being a revealed knowledge which is mostly text-based and systematic in nature, it requires some foundation as well as guidance to the learner to go for a higher level of knowledge and that is a big gap on internet resources.

Muslims & Islam has tried to fill this gap. This website contains mostly the link to other sites having sufficiently good information and resources.

It is an effort to utilize the work of other voluntary organizations, groups and individuals who are sincerely devoted to the causes of Islam and pay due recognition to them. Though most of the links are added after sufficient screening and without any prejudice but still errors and discripancies may exist.

The users/visitors are, therefore, requested to cross to update the webmaster if something irrelevent or objectionbale is noted in the links provided. We also tried to avoid the link to websites containing the commercial advertisements by third party.