Forced conversion in Islam: Is it possible to convert a non-Muslim to Islam through force?

There are allegations floating around on social media and in newspapers these days that Forced conversion in Islam of non-Muslims have been taking place. In this aspect, the annoyance makers are making a lot of noise.


But these annoyance makers fail to see that no one in India has the capacity to forcefully convert Hindus to Islam at this time. And whether he or she will convert to Islam if forced to do so.

Because being a Muslim entails a heartfelt belief in one God (Allah) and the recognition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as Allah’s genuine messenger.

A person does not become a Muslim just by pronouncing the term Tawheed (Kalema) on the tongue and performing namaz (salaat) unless he or she has a firm belief in Tawheed and Prophethood.

While it is obvious that the term Tawheed may be forced out of one’s mouth, it cannot be forced out of one’s heart.

According to the principle stated in the Holy Qur’an in Surah No. 16 / Verse No. 106 / If a Muslim is forced to utter words of disbelief while his heart is satisfied with Islam, he does not become a disbeliever. Similarly, if a non-Muslim is forced to utter the words of Islam, while he does not sincerely believe in the principles of Islam by heart, he will not become a Muslim.

However, it is shocking to read a few writings on this topic written by even educated people in this age, which give the impression that they are unaware of world events and of Islam’s a, b, and c.

Rather, I believe it is correct to claim that Islam does not give a Muslim the mindset to force non-Muslims to become Muslims, since if that were the case, more than five million Hindus residing in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries would have converted to Islam.

Even India’s communally conscious citizens have no reason to complain to Muslim countries that Hindus who make their living abroad are forcibly converted to Islam because they are powerless.

Then one must consider how Muslims in India will treat non-Muslims in India, as opposed to what is not done to vulnerable non-Muslims in Muslim countries.

Unfortunately, the communally oriented and uninformed people of our country take pleasure in spreading false information about Muslims and Islam, as they do not take pleasure in anything else.

I’m not familiar with Maulana Jahangir Sahib, but I am familiar with Omar Gautam Sahib. He is a noble individual. He is a well-educated individual. By comprehending and reading Islamic principles, he has come to accept Islam.

It is not expected of him in the least that he will perform such a pointless action that will yield no substantial results.

At this point, I believe it is appropriate to explain the basic teachings of Islam to non-Muslims living in Islamic countries, in order to help those who are burning in the fire of communal mindset open their eyes, and to provide knowledge to self-educated Muslims about their religion, who can benefit from it.

The world recognises that the true teachings of Islam are those found in the “Qur’an” or by Allah’s Messenger, Hazrat Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

As a result, I’d like to explain the instructions given by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) regarding non-Muslims residing in Islamic countries, so that you can assess the veracity of anti-Islam propaganda and allegations hurled against educated Muslims in today’s Indian circumstances.

It is important to understand that while the lives of a few Muslim teenagers may be damaged, no significant contribution to the country or humanity can be provided in this manner, despite the fact that the world currently requires these valued services.

Forced conversion in Islam

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